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Hello and welcome to my city guide web site for Xalapa, Veracruz MEXICO!

VisitXalapa.com came about as the result of a trip I took to Xalapa (or sometimes spelled "Jalapa" - think: jalapeƱo pepper) when visiting my father. As I am a web developer and on the Internet all the time, I first looked online to find information on the area. There are a few sites that offer good information, albeit not detailed; there are a number of newsgroups that host threads related to the area; there are blogs about Mexico and the area of Xalapa Veracruz, but it was a lot of work to find everything I needed. So, I thought I would create such a place.

Now, the intent is not to be the best at it, nor to be the only web site about Xalapa, but I do want to create a destination on the World Wide Web that does what I would like to find - to provide more information about Xalapa than is necessary.

Since I also plan to make this area my home in the future, I thought I would also provide information for expatriates (expats) who either live in Xalapa and the area already, or for those that are looking to move to Xalapa. Of course, to keep all this information organized is a feat in itself, and so I hope to also create a useful tool that is simple to figure out. This is why the main navigation is always at the top.

So, now that this is boring, I will conclude. Make sure you take the time to see all that I have offered, whether the convenient Amazon.com fed bookstore, the free classifieds, the informational forums, articles, or local business directory... so that you can learn about this beautiful Mexican city of Xalapa!

P.S. You'll notice that everything for you, the visitor, is free, even the classifieds. I still have to pay for hosting, etc. and so try to make a modest amount of revenue from the ads you see on the site. So, if you see a link to something that interests you, and you click on it, you are getting your information, and I am making a few pennies. So... thanks for your support!

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