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What does VisitXalapa.com?

  • A dynamically changing web site with your needs in mind.
  • Impressive growth in both audience and content.
  • Compelling content, enticing visitors to return.
  • Comprehensive, highly targeted marketing for businesses involved in the Mexican market.
  • Exposure on all sites throughout the VisitXalapa.com network as they come online (VisitXico.com, VisitCoatepec.com, ExpatXalapa.com, and more to come.).
  • User-friendly tools to enable you to manage your advertising efforts.
  • Customized plans tailor-made to meet your goals and support to help you accomplish your marketing goals.

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Who We Are

The VisitXalapa.com web site was launched in 2007 to provide an information resource to people wanting to visit or move to Mexico in the state of Veracruz. Since that time, our viewers have used our web sites to learn about the area around Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico, communicate with others with the same interest, and build a far-reaching community through our discussion forums, Virtual Park, FAQs, news articles, and Business directory.

Our audience is not only growing, but is active and involved. Each day, our visitors contribute fresh content through the interactive sections of our web sites. Visitors to our sites have come to recognize our dedication and commitment. We respond to every email we receive. We promptly address the concerns and suggestions of our audience. We know our visitors and they know us.

We take the same personalized approach to advertising. We strive to build partnerships with our advertisers. Our goal is to integrate the product or service you offer into the context of our content. We want your message to be seen as a valuable resource, not an annoying distraction.

Sponsorship Opportunities

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All visitors use the main navigation. Every time they do they are presented with our drop-down menus of navigation. Your sponsorship of one or more of these drop-downs can brand your company or product on every page of the web site. These small banners are the most visible sponsorship opportunity. We limit the number of sponsors per drop-down so that your message stands out.

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After clicking on the small banner, visitors are taken to your very own targeted summary page where you can explain your product or company. From there, the visitor can participate in your defined call-to-action, such as clicking through to your web site.
Sponsor Main Navigation Dropdowns
Associate your company with every visitor on every page every day $100 US/month

Sponsor Discussion Forum Topics
VisitXalapa.com discussion forums offer sponsors a means to reach a targeted and engaged audience. Forum participants are among VisitXalapa.com's most loyal and active visitors. They'll appreciate your commitment to helping them connect.

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Your banner will display at the top of the discussion group main page, and all threads within that group. This provides consistent reinforcement of your brand, which build's trust.
Sponsor Discussion Forum Topics
Associate your company with a valued resource among visitors to Mexico $150 US/month

Business Listing Section
The business directory enables thousands of our visitors each month to find the product or service they need. For sponsors, the business directory represents an opportunity to present your message to potential customers while they're researching their options.

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When multiple companies are listed on the same page, and providing similar services, you can stand out above the rest through category sponsorship. Your banner displays at the top of that category as different, and above the rest.
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Pinpoint potential customers $30 US/month

Advertising Opportunities

Newsletter Sponsorship
Our opt-in newsletter gives you the ability to gain large-scale exposure among Mexico tourists. Every issue contains news and articles aimed at your audience. In addition, we're happy to accept relevant advertorial related to your product or service. Newsletter sponsorship ads may feature up to 50 words of copy and include a link to your company's web site. Each issue of the our newsletter is limited to a maximum of three sponsorship ads.

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If advertising in the our newsletter makes sense for your company, please contact our advertising sales department directly at Ad Sales.
Be part of a resource that tourists appreciate $.15/email

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In addition to the advertising programs outlined above, we would be happy to explore alternative marketing opportunities with you. We'll work with you to shape a program to produce optimal results. Please contact our advertising department at Ad Sales

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